Twins, Triplets or Quads

Dr. Barbara Luke

Your pregnancy week by week

Professor Lesley Regan

The Baby Bump twins and triplets edition

Carley Roney
SA Edition -  Pregnancy & Birth Book Dr Miriam Stoppard 
Baby and Child Health Care Dr Miriam Stoppard 
Brain Games for Pre Schoolers Dr Dorothy Einon
Toddler Play Dr Wendy S. Masi  
Bringing up Boys Dr James Dobson
What is my Baby Thinking? Dr Richard Woolfson
The What to Expect, Babysitter and Nanny Handbook Heidi Murkoff  
Twin Set, Moms of Multiples, Share Survive & Thrive Secrets Christina Boyle & Cathleen Stahl
A Contended House with Twins Gina Ford and Alice Beer
Twins From Conception to Five Years Averil Clegg & Anne Woollett
Your Child at Play Birth to 1 years Marilyn Segal
Your Child at Play 1 to 2 years Marilyn Segal
Your Child at Play 3 to 5 years Marilyn Segal
Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers Erica Neser 
Learning Through Play, A parents guide for the first five years Ian Natanson 
Toddler Sense Ann Richardson
Twin Sense Dagmara Scalise
501 TV Free Activities for Kids Di Hodges
Domestic Labour Practice - A guide to Fair Employment at Home Jan Smit & Corle Grobler
Expecting Twins, Triplets and More Rachel Franklin 
Pregnancy Guide Bounty
Baby and Child Care Handbook Marina Petropulos 
Childbirth - 101 Essential Tips Elizabeth Fenwick
Hey Baby - The Hip New Moms Guide That’s All About You Sarah Bullen
Baby Sleep Guide Eric Nieuwenhuis
Weaning - Practical Parenting, which Foods to Introduce and When Sara Lewis
Growing Kids with Character Hettie Brittz
Twins, A Practical Guide to Parenting Multiples from Conception to PreSchool Katrina Bowman and Louise Ryan
The Multiple Manual, Preparing and Caring for Twins and Triplets Lynn Lorenz   
Kid Wrangling Kaz Cooke 
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