Kate Polley is the author of a children’s book called  ‘Sam and Finn’  which is the story of her twin sons, one of whom died unexpectedly 12 hours after birth. The book is illustrated by well-known children’s author and illustrator, Alex Latimer.
Although originally written for her surviving twin, it is a book for all children and families who have experienced the loss of a sibling or child. The book shares a simple and gentle message of hope and was written to explain death to her surviving twin. Click here to view the book online.
The book has been published here in South Africa by Kate herself and in the UK by Oodlebooks. There are limited resources out there especially for children whom have experienced the death of a sibling / twin and they have had a great response to the book. A portion of the proceeds of the Oodlebook sales are donated to 2 related charities, Bliss and TAMBA.


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